Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Slice of Life

                       A single experience of life can be a good teacher than hundred books prescribed for an academic course.Practicability is the main factor behind this way of teaching-learning process.And again, this is completely non-formal method of education. More important thing is that once you learn something from any specific experience that remains permanently in your mind.In short,applicability is one of the important features of this learning process.Because the inputs of these experiences can be proved helpful to deal with other such occasions in life.
                        Everybody meets such experiences in their life now and then.But an  impact and its importance ,in respect of new direction in life, is differ from person to person.All these day today experiences make your life more meaningful and joyful. It provides some vision.When We listen anybody saying ,"That was the turning point in my life.." it means, he is also referring such golden slice of his life.
                          So,gather such slices and make life more enjoyble .