Sunday, February 24, 2013



Serious contemplation is going on. It is a time when I need to concentrate on the things which are final determinant of ongoing ideas.Those will decide my fate,and can fulfill my year longs dreams. Coming dreams in existence and bring them into reality,I think both are not same things. May be reciprocal but not synonymous. Contempletion of dream is the real food for any brain. Brain can nourish and survive only when its this appetite will be satisfied.

Can brain only be a fleshy part of our body ? I don’t think so. Human Brain is the real creator of this world.It works and the things become possible,that is the perpetual experience of anyone.

But today,I have experienced my brain did not work it should have been.It brings a total  fatigue to my mind. I was completely exhausted.It is just failed to generate new ideas,that would be creative and productive.Going back to entire experiences,I relocate the place of brain in the productive charm of myself. Sometime,I consider myself without brain.It breathtaking consideration.How can one be consider himself without brain?All species are gifted with this.They move and work according to the instructions of this organ settled in the prime location of the body.Even trees must have brain somewhere,may be in special form.but,yes,it must be existed.Its locates the source of water and drinks it with the thousands of hands of its roots.

Great creations ever created and will be created are not possible without contemplation.This instinct is one of the major identity of human being.Considering over all such issues I instruct my mind be indulge in creative thinking.It is heard that most of the people don’t use their brain  with its full capacity.A general person uses only few percent of his brain’s capacity in entire life.This is astonishing to know. Acknowledged with this research,I have been trying to increase the utility value of my brain.Force it to engage in contemplation,serious contemplation.but,I think,it is mostly depend upon individuals will power .Can we cross the limit of our will power? I must admit it that it is not possible to me. I value my brain and its capacity, and allow it to work with its full strength and most of the time categorically notice its productive capability. Actually the capacity of brain is highly varied,differ from person to person.So, this thought struck me why should I ponder?Let the things go on as it have been going on to date. Why should I worry about new creation?It will come in reality  sometime. But, inside in me, somewhere a productive impulse always work as a stimulant. It never allow me to stop at any point. Sometime, in future, there is a possibility of great creation and why not? It asks me repeatedly.What a noteworthy positivity of this instinct? That doesn’t permit any outer force to become hurdle in my way.

So, consultating on all these reflections of mind ,I come on this conclusion that  contempletation should go on .It has to go, short, that is the prime need of my survival.