Friday, June 20, 2014

                          Some of forty years ago,J.M.Coetzee had written a novel,short in size but pregnant in its content,that created history,and helped its creator to stand in the arena of literature.It was 1976,when, first time,this ever read novel 'Life and Time of Michael K' was published in South Africa,authors native country(Later he got migrated to Australia.That is another story...) But,when Secker and Warburg published it in England in 1983,it received an international attention and the novelist had lifted the most coveted Booker prize for this novel subsequently.
Coetzee is known for his linguistic experiments in his work.His every book witnessed his authority as a linguist. Even today,his books are studied by the students for its linguistic point of view,that marvelled many.
In the title-Life and Time of Michael K-Coetzee touches disruptive melieu of then South Africa,especially its rural area.
Coetzee is very powerful while handling psychological aspects of his characters.He tailored his plot with equal hard work and an empathy.It seems that the novelist himself is facing the painful experiences depicted in his novels and we,the readers,are personally observing whatever is going on.I think,that is the strength of his pen.
With two dominant characters,Michael and his ill mother,Coetzee proceeds with the story.The story develops on the background of the war,but,yet,this is not a typical war story.It has its own flavour and nature.
In stead of detailing war rime events,Coetzee seemed to be interested in emotional development of the characters.He stressed on the human side of the war.In that sense,protagonist and antagonist both are equally important in his novels.
On the first page ,before the novel starts,Coetzee presents three lines as-
War is the father of all and king of all.
Some he shows as gods,others as men.
Some he makes slaves,and others free.
These three lines are helpful to understand the intention of the writer developing the story.
On the whole,reading Coetzee is a feast for his readers,and novels like Michael K are just like dessert.