Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today, I’ve finished reading a novel ‘Room’ written by Irish-Canadian writer Emma Donoghue.The novel was shortlisted for The Man Booker and translated into more than 30 languages and also the source of a movie released with the same title.
                        A small plot stretched over 300 pages in the engrossed setting is the sign of the great literary potential of Emma. The novel is about the relationship between a mother and her son, Jack.Some of seven years ago, a nineteen years old young college going girl was captured by a person and imprisoned her in a tiny room till then. He used her to satisfy his physical desire that resulted she gave birth to a boy. That’s Jack! Hero of the novel, who is completely unknown with the outer world and grew up in the same Room…..

Rest, you have read yourself and enjoy the world of little Jack.

Friday, September 27, 2013

                                     A Story of New Writer
                                Getting a book published written by any newcomer is challenging business. His identity as an unpublished author is an albatross around his neck.Everybody, except some honorable exceptions, takes them lightly, even don’t miss a chance to demoralize them. He sends his manuscripts enthusiastically to the publishers and agents as much as possible to him. This process consumes a bigger part of his pocket, and when he receives rejections one after another in queue, his power of endurance become challengable, and a gradual reluctance slows down the speed of his pen. During the process, sometime, he also thinks about to give up his day job and would become fulltime penman. But his plans don’t come in existence.
                               After many disappointing rejections, a day arises when he receives a letter that lights the ray of hope. A comparatively new publisher decides to proceed on his manuscript. He convinces himself that ,ok,let it be, not through any big publishing house but at least my book is publishing is not minor thing, and when it will publish and hit publishing industry, and will lift major literary awards, then those so called big names will realize their mistake, no, no blunder. This contemplation makes him very happy.
                              After having some initial discussions with that new           publisher, finally he receives an invitation for final contract, and from here the real drama starts. The publisher welcomes him warm heartedly. Of course, he comes well dressed and trying to be impressive .(He reads somewhere that now a day’s only writing is not sufficient qualification for writers but their appearance and look also take into consideration and those things are beneficial while approaching readers personally or through media.)
                              In the first half of their meeting the publisher flatters him by quoting many references from his manuscript. Now and then, he compares his writing with other literary masters, and claims that his book will create history, and will prove magnum opus. For a while, the writer starts to float in the air. Apart from his literary credit, some inquiry is done related to his family background, his day job and his motivation behind an urge to get a published writer. In the flow of discussion he opens himself and shares everything, provides every information which is asked and even not asked.
                            And from here the publisher enters into real game. Noticing this would be writer is now trapped fully, he opens his hidden agenda. He expresses his wish to publish the book of that new writer instantly, but confesses his inability to bear the expenses regarding to printing, binding of the book, and letter, of course, a huge amount requires for the grand publicity of the title which is need of the time. But no worry about the expenses because your book has tremendous potential and it will make your bank account fat apart from winning many literary awards. But it requires some patience’s and money to invest at initial stage.

                            This climax is unexpected to our young, talented and versatile writer. A big shadow of disappointment starts to hover around him. It reflects on his face, he loses his control on his heartbeats, it fluctuate rapidly. The publisher, a humble and modest person till then, looks like an exploiter. Our aspiring writer feels that his every dream is now shattered in a moment, and his book will not come into existence .Realizing the situation, the publisher applies every tactics to convince the writer. Sometime, the writer also thinks about the possibility to manage some money, but he fails. He never expresses his disappointment before that wily publisher and takes his farewell broken-heartedly.