Monday, February 20, 2012

Lost sun-glasses....

                                                             And finally I accepted its lost.Yes,sun-glasses,a ten years old companion is now become a part of my memories,more particularly my golden memories.Don't know how but it is no more with me.That's the fact. I have been seeing last ten burning summers through its glasses.It protected my eyes with its inborn,honest coolness.

                                                            In those days,when I was studying in university and simultaneously,I had started teaching to the aspirants of competitive examinations.Those occasionally engaged classes used to give me confidence on stage and also proved useful me to brushed up my reading of the subject.Apart from that it was also very good for me that satisfy my growing economical needs as I was just landed on lavish life-style like some of my friends. This lavishness was limited to frequent hoteling,enjoying movies and refueling my bike for its long run-up.

                                                          I was looking handsome in this sun-glasses,as my friends commented on my purchase of it,I felt very happy. Yes, one thing I would like to share, Sunil Shetty is responsible for buying me that goggle. In those days he was my favourite actor and he used to wear the same goggle in many of his movies. So his imitation was natural to me. Even one of my friends told me- you are looking like a Sunil Shetty, my pleasure knew no bounds.Plus, later on, I was informed that when I put on this sun-glasses my eyes become invisible to others. Its dark glasses made that possible. This was great news for me as I would easily stare at anybody, partcularly beautiful faces anywhere.

                                                          I clearly remember even today, I had generously offered this opportunity to many of my friends.So, the goggle also become famous among my friends.Rajesh; my close friend borrowed it from me during his meeting with his girlfriend. I benevolently handed over the sun-glasses to him though it most closes-to -heart matter for me. That meeting proved fruitful to him as she responded him positively and half of the credit went to my goggle. He told us later on she said him sun-glasses suits to his personality and asked him where did he buy it and so on. Rajesh had handled the situation deplomatically; he did not open the secret of its ownership. And many times, that after, he demanded it, even he was ready to buy it from me on whatever prise. Since it was not just another commodity for me but a thing close to heart, I was not willing to give it to him permantly.Being a good friend, he also understood my feelings and had been borrowed it occasionally.

                                                          Hussh! That sun-glasses, talking about whom I don't tire, is now lost.Completly disappeared. I did and doing my level best to search it out, but in vain. All possible places are being searched out; many of my goggle-liking friends are being cross-examined by me. Some notoriously acknowledged pilferers are threatened indirectly but every kind of endevarences has gone fail.

                                                          Now, I have started cursing myself. What can I do else? I say-I should not have been careless about it.Because, during initial days of its purchase, I was very careful in handling and placing it anywhere. In order to avoid scratches on it, I used to clean it only with a delicate piece of cloth. All my memories with this goggle are very clear. Though it did not belong to any international brand, but it was mine, my companion for ten years.

                                                          Today, sometime, I feel its presence in the nook of my bookshelf which was its place when it was not in work.

                                                          Let it be. Things happen. I try to convince myself but never dare to buy another heart don't allow me to do so. Even my heart counsels me. Somewhere in the warm corner of my heart a feeling still persists that you will find your sun-glasses some day. You have not lost it forever. It is present somewhere around you and this is just a temporary punishment for your clumsiness. A day will arise certainly when you will find it is settled on your nose to enhance the attraction of your face. LET’S SEE............

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy to such gathering where people are spending their hours and hours to listen something from their favourite writers.In the age of tech-boom, its really pleasant to see. People read, certainly they read. Their demand is quality and freshness.                    Our writers have to think about it. Today,Indian writing is one of the most sought after literature in the world. Many writers are doing good job.Even young writers are very powerful in their efforts.
Jamil Ahmad, you are really good writer.What a great fiction you have penned down ! One must wait for your another title, it arose the hopes for your future writings.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad

                             Just I have finished opening chapter,found a very surprising novel.And noteworthy thing is that this novel, The Wandering Falcon is written by a debutant who is 78 years old ! Really a good book that I can't stop myself to write something about it.
                           The title of this novel caught my sight in one book fair where it was reveiwed as-'effortlessly accomplished.' Very first page of the novel is so catchy.Words and phrases used by the novelist are very precise and it arouse the interest of a reader in the story.
                            As Mohsin Hamid says - Jamil Ahmad is a gifted storyteller- only first chapter is enough to prove it. The novelist really carry us with him into the plot. We wander with tribals on the borderland of Afganistan and Pakistan.Though, its work of fiction but it has a solid base of writers own experiences where he was posted during his service.
                            For me,at least, reading anything is not possible untill I finish this novel,because wandering with this Falcon is more enjoying and engaging.
                             Then, see you again with detail talk after reading its last page.............