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I Am Vidya- An autobiography of a transgender

I am Vidya : A transgender autobiography

- Dr.Vishal Tayade

Man and Woman are two defined genres of human being. To run this world, both are equally important. There are impotents, natures another creation, have their own limitations, as per as productivity is concern.

Nature has assigned man and woman their genetical role and society has lined its boundaries. Thousands of years have been passed, society never permits them to work against its conservative structure, and whenever somebody dares to fight social norms, social hostility becomes his fate.

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I am Vidya is an autobiography which presents a life-sketch of a transgender who fought against traditional social norms, suffered a lot of pain, but finally acquired her own ness i.e. womanhood.

Sarvanan(birth-name of Vidya) is a boy who always believe that he is not a male but a person having female soul. As the time passes, his self never allow him to survive as a male, and finally, Sarvanan transforms himself as a Vidya.

This is an outline of an autobiography I am Vidya, originally written in Tamil, the mother-tongue of Vidya, and translated into many languages, like English and Marathi.

The book is a daring of Vidya to express herself honestly, without showing any pang for society. She is tortured by the most of the people she met during the course of her transformation. Though, some kind-hearted people love her, express sympathy and gave courage to do so. But, most of the conservative minds shocked to learn her decision of changing sex.

Society doesn’t accept transgenders whole-heartedly. In the era of the explosion of human rights, transgenders are still facing all types of social cruelties. There are number of superstitions continue in people about transgenders. They have their own norms , rules and regulations to live. They have their own social pattern of survival. Hateful behaviour is the common phenomenon with all transgenders.

Vidya is highly qualified transgender, though,she had experienced tremendous insecurity and feeling of rootless ness which caused mental fatigue to her many times. The condition of other transgenders is worst than her.

The book divides into many chapters. It opens very dramatically and runs with flash-back technique of narration. Sarvanan is the only son in his family. He has sisters but he is considered the only hope by his parents. His father,Appa is quite whimsical kind of person. He loves Sarvanan heartily, but when the issue of study occurs, he becomes very strict, and beats him mercilessly. Such experiences are described very pathetically in this book.

Since childhood, Saravnan finds that he likes to behave as a girl, and he observes that it gives him immense pleasure. Gradually, people noticed the change in his behaviour. Sarvanan never cares for that. He experiences many insulting occasions in his school and collage. His family, friends, teachers everyone try to convince him but in vain. He decides to change his sex and becomes woman.Thats really dramatic journey of Sarvanan to become Vidya which is worth to read.

Chennai based transgender Living Smile Vidya has written this widely talked autobiography who is continuously fighting in the benefit of all transgenders. While presenting her life, Vidya has raised some important issues related to transgenders. Being a citizen of democratic country, transgenders are not able to enjoy their fundamental rights, law is not sufficient to protect them, and common people have no sympathy to them.

Emotionally power-packed an autobiography takes reader to a life which is, generally, unknown to all of us.

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