Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad

                             Just I have finished opening chapter,found a very surprising novel.And noteworthy thing is that this novel, The Wandering Falcon is written by a debutant who is 78 years old ! Really a good book that I can't stop myself to write something about it.
                           The title of this novel caught my sight in one book fair where it was reveiwed as-'effortlessly accomplished.' Very first page of the novel is so catchy.Words and phrases used by the novelist are very precise and it arouse the interest of a reader in the story.
                            As Mohsin Hamid says - Jamil Ahmad is a gifted storyteller- only first chapter is enough to prove it. The novelist really carry us with him into the plot. We wander with tribals on the borderland of Afganistan and Pakistan.Though, its work of fiction but it has a solid base of writers own experiences where he was posted during his service.
                            For me,at least, reading anything is not possible untill I finish this novel,because wandering with this Falcon is more enjoying and engaging.
                             Then, see you again with detail talk after reading its last page.............

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