Thursday, May 26, 2016

                     The Rains
                  And finally season’s first raindrop settled on my window pane. It was dusk, and a little, rounded raindrop arrived to brighten the horizon. I penetrated it. It was full of life. Raindrop aroused the hope of the Monsoon. I saw the sign of full swing raining in it, as rivers were flowing with the great zeal and thirsty land was eager to suck it.
                Ya, it was the only source to satisfy the earths endless thirst. It mesmerized entire climate. Wind started blowing, as it was welcoming season. Leaves seemed to be dancing on the waves of the wind. Merciless summer had sucked life from them and parted them from the tree. Now they were curious to be a part of the mother earth and rain would help them in the process.
                Trees were looking like a malnourished child, because months have been passed without rain. They sent their roots in search of the water, but failed. Trees become helpless and were about to die. Alike humans, they were praying for the rain.
                          But now,the single raindrop brightened their hopes of survival !


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