Friday, June 24, 2016

                                  I was very sorry when I came across a HSC passed out student who can not read even a word 'ear'. This is only one example that I'm mentioning here,but this is general experience about the status of English in our schools.WHAT CAN WE DO TO IMPROVE THE SITUATION ?
This is the most important question that every concern machinary should pay attaintion on.Because when we speak about the progress,we can escape from leaning English.This is the highway of progress.All branches of higher learning goes through this way.
                                   Even the language has some social status.Rapidly growing number of English medium schools is the sign of changing mentality of people.Not only rich but poor and average parents are also interested in admiting their kids in English medium schools.They are ready to bear extra economical burden on their family.
                                In such condition Semi English schools can become a good and affordable alternative for parents and students also.At a time,they can learn through their 
mother tongue and English as well. Balbharati has published very intractive and child friendly books for each class.These books are not only books but they are like toys.A child can play with it .He can learn himself,knowingly or unknowingly ,without the help of anybody.
                                This construtive phase of learning becomes enjoyable.As a facilitater, teacher should take an initiative for children's own learning...


jaya Tayade said...

It is very ridiculous that in the era of globalisation Marathi medium schools are not paying attention to improve their English status that's why Marathi medium students remain back instead of having lot of potential. It's my humble request to education department that they should give their best regarding improvement in development of English learning skill.

jaya Tayade said...